How much can LAZ Fly save your company?

To put it simply… lots.

LAZ Fly offers corporate discounts that could save your company up to over 50% on your parking costs. Some of our corporate clients have saved their companies over $130,000 a year on parking alone. Best of all, setting up a corporate account is of no cost to your company… ever!

Locked in Rates

Companies can sign a multi-year contract to lock in their corporate rates. These contracts allow companies to remain at the agreed upon rate in case of any rate increases. There is no added cost, but plenty of added benefits. Companies under contract have the option to have service fees waived as well as free express exit sign-up for all employees.

Monthly Reporting

Contracted companies have the option to have utilization reports detailing their savings sent at the end of each month. We provide detailed reports of how many cars your company parked, how many days they stayed, how much money you’ve spent and more importantly… how much money you’ve saved. We also compare your savings to what you would have spent parking at the airport.

Incentive Programs

Corporate clients can be set up with incentive programs based on the amount of volume they park with us. We offer rate adjustments and/or rebate checks to our high-volume clients.

Premier Parker Cards

We offer free LAZ Fly Premier Parker Cards to all employees of our corporate clients. These cards have your rates pre-loaded on them and build you points good for free parking or any of our car care services. The $15.00 annual fee for the express exit is waived for all corporate clients.

Discount Car Care Services

Our corporate clients also get deeply discounted rates on all of our car care services.

Personalized Landing Page

For our corporate clients under contract, we create personalized landing pages on with your company logo at the top of the page and your company’s rates already pre-loaded.

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