Rewarding you for parking with LAZ Fly

Transferring points from an existing rewards program? Once you enroll for a new LAZ Fly Premier Parker Card ALL points are transferable. We reward you for your continued support in allowing us the opportunity to assist you!

Why stand in line? Upgrade to an Express Exit Membership!

If you’re looking for even more convenience and a guaranteed 10% off your bill or up to 30% off our prepaid specials, our Express Exit option allows you to go directly to your car when you return from your trip. Just drive away and an email receipt will automatically be sent to you.

A credit card on file is required to activate this option. Please contact us for information or click the above ‘enroll’ now button to sign up today! $15 annual fee applies if you elect to keep a credit card on file.

How do I redeem my LAZ Fly Premier Parker Reward Points?

In order to redeem your Premier Parker reward points you may prepay online, reserving your stay with LAZ Fly. You will be prompted to sign in under your LAZ Fly Premier Parker ID Card and given the option to use your available points for payment or for any of our Car Care Services.

If more convenient for you and your schedule, you may also simply present your Premier Parker ID card to one of our LAZ Fly Team Members during check-out.


How do I gain Premier Parker Reward Points?

In order to gain Premier Parker Reward points you must present your Premier Parker ID card at check out(or arrival if you’re an Express Exit Platinum Member) to one of our LAZ Fly Team Members. You will gain one point per dollar that is spent each stay. This totals up and is added to your account balance.

LAZ Fly Premier Parker Cards

LAZ Fly Airport Parking wants to give back to you loyal parkers and in doing this LAZ Fly adds reward points to your Premier Parker card each stay, which you can redeem and use towards future parking stays or any of our Car Care Services.

With your LAZ Fly Premier Parker card you will be able to manage your own personal account online. You will be able to view your profile, add and edit information, redeem points and track usage.

How to receive corporate/AAA discount?

All LAZ Fly Corporate account employees are encouraged but not required to sign up for a LAZ Fly Premier Parker Card. If you do not have a Premier Parker card, to receive your discount you must provide our LAZ Fly team member with your company email address, show a company badge or business card. To make it more simple, sign up for a Premier Parker Card! If you are a AAA member you must provide your card each time you check out.